Investment Process

STEP 1 – Discovery

  • Analyze client needs and gain an understanding of the following:
    • Return requirements, income needs and tax implications
    • Tolerance to risk and loss of capital
    • Time Horizon

STEP 2 – Diversification

  • Diversification reduces portfolio volatility without reducing return
  • Diversify by geography, asset class and investment management style

STEP 3 – Document your Investment Policy Statement

  • Summary document used as foundation for client’s investment decisions
  • Describes the objectives of portfolio, investment guidelines and targets appropriate asset allocation and any investment constraints

STEP 4 – Investment Selection

  • Criteria for selection includes:
    • Quantitative Analysis
      • Focus on consistency of returns, value added vs. benchmarks, level of diversification and adherence to investment style
    • Qualitative Analysis
      • Focus on Investment Manager’s investment philosophy, risk management, proficiency of its people and management, process and code of ethics
    • Recommend a customized portfolio that adheres to your Investment Policy Statement
      • Strategic asset allocation
      • Multi-dimensional diversification

STEP 5 – Continuous Monitoring & Review

  • Monitor the events that shape our client’s lives and their financial goals
  • Study the trends and developments that shape the global investment environment, that drive our economy and ultimately affect your portfolio’s performance
  • Quantitative and qualitative reviews look for signs of potential deterioration in performance
    • Deviation from the investment mandate
    • Consistent under performance
    • Departure of key investment personnel from Investment Manager
    • Merger or acquisition
  • Our investment process forms a direct partnership with our clients, the lines of communication are always open
Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that the 4-Way Test gives us an easy to understand platform to base our client's expectations and how we interact with them.

Planning Life Financially puts your life interests first and focuses on increasing your sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction.

There are many available solutions for investing. Our Human Based Business approach fits the plan to the individual, rather than presenting a few plans and "squeezing" the individual into one of them.

We never forget that our clients are real people and together we arrive at very personal solutions and goals. Our value proposition is based on a foundation of professional comprehensive service, objectivity, communication and strength through teamwork and corporate support.