• A thorough understanding of the facts is critical to reaching one's goals.
  • Addressing and controlling financial risk and lifestyle needs is more important than trying to time market and lifestyle events.
  • It is far harder to be unique than to follow the crowd, and doing what is right is not always following the crowd.
  • Clients' trust is earned by providing exceptional service focused on their unique needs.
  • Integrity is a core element of trust. Without integrity, any relationship is superficial and unreliable.
  • Long-lasting, loyal relationships are developed by putting the needs of others before our own, by being fair to all concerned, and by giving and helping each other.

We believe that the 4-Way Test gives us an easy to understand platform to base our client's expectations and how we interact with them.



Roman A. Groch next to a sign for the 4 Way Test: Our Commitment's Core Elements - serving human needs, the 4-way test, and community contribution