March 2015

We would foremost like to wish all our clients a warm spring. Another spring brings new opportunities and exciting new goals for us here at our office of HollisWealth, some of which we would like to share with you.

We would like to give thanks to everyone who have been so patient and understanding about the transfer from Paul Favero to Roman A. Groch at our office here in Welland. Also a huge welcome to Gary Talosi clients that we are looking after as Gary goes through his transition. Though change is welcome and brings on wonderful opportunities for us, stability is also a priority. Roman has been in the financial services industry here in Niagara for over 25 years and will try to keep things as stable as possible. Most importantly we believe two way communication is very important so please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions, concerns or just to say hello.

Recent & Upcoming Changes:

Our newest member to the office is Jenna L. Seniuk. She is our Client Relations Coordinator. With her Public Relations background her outgoing personality and attentive focus on client services are an asset to our office and we are happy to have her as part of our team.

Emily R. Hopkins has decided to join her long- time boyfriend in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan so that together they could start their new Lifestyle. Though not an easy decision for Emily to make we wish her nothing but success and prosperity in Saskatchewan. Good luck Emily. Chelsey has decided also to return to her roots.

Our office continues to commit to upgrading not only technology and tools we use as well. We also continue to further our knowledge through continued education through educational courses and seminars since our last newsletter.

Recently our office has upgraded our sever which was over 7 years old. This ensures that our Operating System will be up and running and avoid any hardware issues due to out of date equipment.

Our client profile forms have been updated due to regulatory requirements. We are now required to ask some additional questions on the new forms one of which is how long you have lived in Canada for. Thank you to all that have helped us keep your profiles up to date and to regulatory requirements.

A reminder to clients when booking appointments with Roman we require 6-10 business days to properly prepare for your appointment. This ensures sufficient time in preparing everything needed for your appointment which includes a mailed Agenda before your meeting to ensure efficient use of our time together as well ensuring all relevant questions, concerns and reports are properly prepared and ready when you meet with Roman.

2015 Tax preparation assistance to our clients was a success in helping our clients with their Tax Preparation by preparing the Capital Gain/Loss reports for their Tax Advisors. We would like to thank our clients for being patient as we prepared these reports as they can take time to prepare and we need at least 5 business days to properly prepare these reports for you and/or your Tax Advisor.

Please feel free to visit our updated website which can be located at which now includes a Twitter feed.

Gary Talosi Clients of HollisWealth - Welcome to our office.

We like to wish Gary Talosi nothing but success with his new company. Meantime if you were a client of Gary Talosi our office has been asked to help assist all of Gary's clients that have remained with HollisWealth with their day to day Lifestyle Financial needs. Please feel free to call our office and we can arrange an appointment to discuss your course of action.

CRM2 (Client Relationship Model) – Extension of Phase 2 Implementation Date

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) has announced an amendment to the implementation date of Phase 2. Originally scheduled for July 15, 2015, the implementation date has been extended to December 31, 2015. Our office remains pro-active in trying to stay on top of all the regulatory changes, requirements and disclosure. To recap CRM2:

Regulatory Focus:

CRM2- is intended to increase transparency for clients regarding the fees they pay and provide standardized reporting with regards to the performance of their accounts.

Client Impact- CRM2:

  • HollisWealth advisors hold themselves to a very high standard and maintain open communications and transparency regarding commissions
  • Additional transparency will be provided regarding how fees are determined
  • While HollisWealth advisors often provide performance and account reporting for clients, additional standardized reporting will be available in 2016

At our office we continue to disclose any fees that our clients can be subject to both verbally and/or in writing. In order to stay current with the latest requirements (CRM2) Fund Facts (information sheet) will now be given to clients on any new investments to ensure a better understanding of the investment being made.

Financial Life Planning:

To have a successful succession plan it is very important to get your entire family involved in the process. Everyone wants to do what is best for their loved ones, but how do you know what is best for your family if you never ask them what is important to them. We continue to develop a process to better assist our clients and their families in reaching a common goal for family financial life planning.

We have been initiating our goals to helping our clients in protecting their family, estate and assets. These steps can be as simple as making sure your Wills and Power of Attorney are in place to a Financial Plan to Life Insurance. We will continue to develop new solutions to new circumstances as they arise with our clients and family. Our goal is to help our clients make decisions to reach their goals in family financial life planning.

Growing technologically, professionally and personally:

Roman will be attending two Educational Seminars in the month of May 2015. Roman will on May 13th – May 16th be attending a Conference with Manulife Financial. Then on May 28th until June 2nd 2015 Roman will be attending a Conference with Dynamic Leaders Council. The purpose of attending such conferences is to allow Roman the opportunity to spend time with our award-winning portfolio managers as well as a keynote panel of regulatory experts from around the world; to update, refresh and learn about areas such as new developments Tax & Estate Planning, Financial Planning, New tools available in the industry, updates on CRM2, Protecting Seniors from Fraud, Living Benefits, Insurance and Pension Benefits, Compliance issues.

Jenna continues to improve her abilities and update her knowledge and skills within our branch office.

Tip of the Quarter: Tips for The Art Of Philanthropy

  1. Be present. When you are with another, whether it is offering a professional service, advice, support or bagging groceries – be there. Make them feel that right in this moment, they are the most important person to you. Put aside your laundry list of 'to-do's and offer your full attention.
  2. Set your intention that this encounter – no matter how mundane, will be about them – fully.
  3. Suspend your beliefs, assumptions, expectations and judgments long enough to hear what they are really saying. The act of listening is an art.
  4. Pause before you respond – don’t try to finish their sentence for them so that you can say what is on your mind.
  5. Once they have finished speaking, check in. Repeat back what you have heard to ensure you got it right.
  6. Ask what they want from you next – advice, support, or simply silence.
  7. Finally, keep the space between you clean so that you can get out of the way and 'See Who They Are.'
  8. Article by Rhonda Latreille, MBA, CPCA, Founder and CEO of Age-Friendly Business. Reprinted with Permission from Age-Friendly Business.

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