September 2015

Recent and Upcoming Changes:

It has been a whirlwind of a summer here at our HollisWealth branch. The most significant change has been the addition of two new staff members. We are excited to introduce Tiffany Lewis as Roman’s Assistant and Megan Garner as our new Client Relations Coordinator. Both Tiffany and Megan have spent a significant amount of time and effort completing various courses and participating in conferences to meet our compliance and training requirements. Sarah has diligently worked to ensure that both Megan and Tiffany are comfortable in their new roles and feel confident when completing their various job duties. We have been able to utilize our individual strengths in creating a positive and proficient environment in which we can provide a higher level of service for all of our clients.

Tiffany Lewis

Tiffany has lived in Welland for over 20 years after falling in love with the Region while attending Niagara College. Tiffany has two beautiful twin daughters who just entered high school. They are talented basketball players and Tiffany is a very proud Mother. Tiffany has had various project management positions such as a Program Manager for Environmental Solutions Consulting Company. She has also had 16 years’ experience supporting Financial Services Call centers, where she did various tasks such as software testing, vendor relations and solutions consulting. With such an extensive background, Tiffany is excited to join the HollisWealth team as Assistant to Roman A. Groch.

Megan Garner

Megan, our newest member of the team, joined us in August 2015. She spent the last 11 years working for the YMCA of Niagara at several branches in a variety of roles including membership host, team leader and Director. She is excited to be in a new role with HollisWealth. Megan has a detailed background in customer service and sales and has a passion for organization and working within and for her community. Megan graduated from Humber College in 2007 with her Developmental Services Worker Diploma where she learned the importance of strong community. She is also looking forward to continuing her education as she progresses in her new position with HollisWealth. Megan was born and raised in Welland where she still happily resides. She adores her Chesapeake Bay Retriever Wendel.

Sarah Hardt

Sarah Hardt our Client Relations Coordinator, has been hard at work ensuring that both Megan and Tiffany are brought up to speed with regards to our client’s needs as well as our processes here at our office. Sarah we thank you very much for your dedication and efforts these past few months. Sarah remains committed to our clients in ensuring our clients are well looked after. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Education from Brock University

Please do not hesitate to voice any questions, concerns or compliments to Sarah, Tiffany or Megan when contacting the office. They look forward to speaking with you.

Annual Reviews

Since our last newsletter, we have been working steadily to catch up with our Annual Reviews. As you know we request a minimum of 7-10 business days to properly prepare for your appointment; what you may not know is why.

We like to know what has changed since we last met. Have you made any life changes that might require some adjustments to your current financial plan? Our aim is to send a personalized agenda ahead of your meeting with Roman in order to better prepare you for the following year and the future.

Our team uses several software programs, filing systems and a personal touch to assemble your review. We take various reports and documents from multiple sources and pull them together in one clear and concise presentation. Roman and our team evaluate the data and make recommendations and appropriate changes. Through a process we have perfected, Roman is able to translate portfolio performance and your personal goals into your investment story presented at your annual review.

Two days prior to your appointment, your review is ready, awaiting any last minute adjustments. Roman and the team review each package several times throughout our process to ensure we have not overlooked any pertinent information. When you meet with Roman, all documents are ready for your review and signatures so that once you leave we can process changes the same day.

We truly hope our efforts ensure a seamless process for you and paint a picture of what HollisWealth, Roman and the team do. If you need to book an annual review please contact us at 905-735-5555. We look forward to preparing your financial future!

Update from IGNITE:

In mid-September, Megan and Tiffany attended our annual nationwide, administrator’s conference, called IGNITE. While at the conference both Megan and Tiffany were encouraged to hear that our current policies and procedures have us ahead of the curve. A few of the proposed changes that are coming over the next year are:

  • CRM2 (please read below)
  • WealthTracker update- working with ScotiaBank, our online resource for clients will be updated in the near future with new and exciting features
  • Enhanced Data Security

CRM2 (Client Relationship Model) –Phase 2 Implementation Date

As noted in our last newsletter, The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) has announced a regulatory requirement intended to enhance the service and communication standards between advisors and clients. This is called CRM2. CRM2 is intended to increase transparency for clients regarding the fees they pay and provide standardized reporting with regards to the performance of their accounts. As the December 31, 2015 implementation date draws nearer, we are taking every opportunity to inform you, the client, of the upcoming changes to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.

Currently in our office we strive to be as transparent as possible and provide all fees to our clients in our annual reviews or as requested. We also provide Fund Facts to each client purchasing a new fund that fully discloses all fees and features. On December 13, 2015 it will be required that all HollisWealth offices and associates comply. Changes made include:

  • Communicate all charges relating to the trade, including: deferred charges, trailing commissions, commissions on debt securities incurred relating to a purchase or sale transaction in a non managed account
  • Client statement changes showing book cost, market value, statements for client-name securities, disclosures for DSCs and Investor Protection Fund Name

You will find more information from HollisWealth in your quarterly newsletter. Please take the time to read any literature provided. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office as soon as possible.

h2>Growing technologically, professionally and personally:

Here at HollisWealth we are always busy no matter what time of year it is! We are proud to announce that we have passed the first part of the Data Security Audit with our Head Office. As many of our clients know with Roman’s passion staying on top of technology the electronic audit of our office with regards to the protection of client electronic data and having appropriate security measures in place we passed this audit with no issues.

The staff here at the office remain very committed to remaining proactive and dedicated to growth, both professionally and personally. Roman over the last several months made a serious commitment both financially as well as time wise by attending 3 conferences over the summer to ensure to remain well informed not only with all the changes and requirements but also to be able to be able to provide clients with pertinent information and solutions to clients. One such seminar that both Tiffany and Roman attended in September was called ‘Money Finder’. This seminar explained how CASH FLOW, not Budgeting can and will assist clients reach their Financial Lifestyle goals. Contact our office to find out more about this wonderful simple process.

Branch Office Audit – September

On September 30th, our office underwent a branch/office audit by our Branch Manager from Kitchener Ontario. The purpose of the Branch Manager’s audit was to ensure that our processes, procedures and recommendations are not only in compliance with regulatory requirements but as well appropriate and well documented in the best interest of our clients. We are pleased to announce that we passed this audit with flying colours.

Tip of the Quarter: Making sure you have it all covered!

Canadians, on average, are living longer these days. Advances in medical science have made it so that some critical illnesses that would have been fatal a few years ago are now treatable, and even curable. That’s great news for your family, however trying to manage the possible financial challenges that you hadn’t considered, such as loss of income, medical expenses or even additional childcare. There are many affordable options that will allow you to combine your life insurance, critical illness and disability insurance all in one to give you peace of mind now and in the future. Contact our office to discuss these important options further.

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